Nathalia Crabtree is living a purposeful life, raising babies on her farm by the sea in Western Australia. Hailing from Sweden, Nathalia traded the snow for sand nine years ago- never looking back.

A powerhouse of creativity, Nathalia is a prolific writer and visual storyteller. With a professional background in journalism, advertising, print and fashion. She now works with both children’s fashion, women’s fashion and a varied array of companies focusing on everything from interior to healthy food.

Gracefully living a conscious, earthy lifestyle, Nathalia is a talented photographer with a gorgeous sense of style. With a unique ability for capturing compelling compositions, and picking the perfect light photographs are layered in nature’s opulence. Effortlessly chic, Nathalia has an enviable flair for fashion. Pairing rich organic fibres with vintage florals, creating a distinctive country-meets- coastal vibe.

Passionate about shining a light on authentic living, multitalented Nathalia couples her captivating shots with heartfelt words. Using her captions to connect, she shares compelling tales.

Speaking passionately across a range of subjects, Nathalia chats all things mindful parenting, pregnancy and working through infertility issues. Her honest voice easily cuts through the noise- striking a genuine chord with her growing and engaged audience.

Whether it’s photography, styling, writing, baking or parenting, Nathalia quietly manifests her signature understated elegance in whatever she creates.