Brooke is an influencer from the Gold Coast. She has always held a special passion for creative pursuits. Art, performing, fashion, she love it all.

She finds great joy in creating beautiful content for brands through styling efforts, creative direction and photography and strives to produce sophisticated, striking content which takes an approach that invites her audience into her world. She is passionate about empowering young women and inspiring them to follow their dreams, making their mark in this world. One of her favourite quotes reads ‘the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’,  this is the message Brooke endeavours to instil within her audience, through sharing her journey and personal experiences.

Brooke holds an audience of young women from all around the world, who she aims to connect with and inspire. She has worked with a number of Australian and internationally recognised brands in creating eye-catching and unique material.

She started sharing her life on Instagram in 2015, with what started as a hobby has organically grown into a position and platform, specialising in all things beauty and fashion. Brooke focuses on these industries as she loves their utility and ability to transform. She has always held the belief that it is about self-expression, embracing yourself as a whole and who you are as person.

Brooke’s personal style tends to veer away from fashion fads that come and go, sticking to a classic, timeless and feminine look which holds iconic silhouettes of historically popular designs. It reflects her appreciation for fine fabrics including linen, silk, lace, cashmere and wool.

After completing her dual diploma in beauty therapy and screen and media at The French Beauty Academy in 2018, where she graduated as Valedictorian, she wants to focus in on her desire and passion to serve and care for others, with her high level of drive for business planning, management and marketing in starting my own business. In 2019, Brooke founded my first company The Fresco Complexion, specialising in treatments that focus on your inner and outer well-being with a unique approach uniting traditional wisdom with the innovation of modern techniques, combining clinical results with holistic education.