Kings of Prohibition

Case Studies, Grouped Influencer Shoots

To celebrate the launch of Kings of Prohibition (KOP) into Australia, the client at Calabria Wines were in touch with TTS to create some content with a grouped influencer shoot. There were 3 separate shoots for this campaign grouped as per the below:

  1. Group 1 — Holly Lee Lu (@hollyleelu), Paige (@paigecraswell) and Armando (@armandombb)
  2. Group 2 — Maddie (@maddisonclare) and a friend
  3. Group 3 — Jess (@jess.hopson) and a friend

From the great era of the roaring twenties, Prohibition stemmed the infamous ‘Kings of Prohibition’. During this dry period, many myths were born and the story of bootleggers, such as Al Capone and Bugsy Siegel became legents, setting the path for wine distribution around the world.

With this story in mind, the brief for this was dark, modern and sharp, with KOP being the perfect accompaniment when with friends.

“We have absolutely loved working with TTS, Kristy and the team always go above and beyond which enables us to truly trust them to bring the absolute best out of our brand. Holly, Paige, Maddie, Armando & Jess created amazing content with a quick deadline for us, we were extremely impressed and received endless compliments on their work. We look forward to our future with TTS and what exciting new things are to come!”

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